we cater the specific need of each business customer with a tailor-made business solution.


Prepare monthly / quarterly / yearly management accounting records and financial statements, such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income etc. 


Arrange the statutory audit and provide advice on internal control.

Hong Kong Taxation

Tax filing and planning e.g. Profit Tax, Property Tax etc.

China Taxation

Business Tax & Enterprise Income Tax Reporting, Review on tax reporting for audit purpose 

Company Registration

Registration of Hong Kong limited company, offshore company, China Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise  

Company Secretary

Arrange company secretarial service 


Provide pre-listing advisory service / Bank Loan Arrangement 

Business Insurance

Arrange Credit Insurance, Director Liability Insurance, Professionals Liability Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Share Repurchase Insurance, Key-man Insurance etc. 

Human Resources Service 

Recruiting / MPF Arrangement / Group Medical / Employee Compensation Insurance / Hong Kong Working Visa


Arrange company or individual debt restructuring 


Design and execute marketing promotion campaign 

Business Transfer

Arrange business transfer

Information Technology

Website setup & maintenance / Information System support

Business Consultancy

Company Structure /Business Transaction / Financial Analysis

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